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About StatSpace

This version of StatSpace allows you to explore, use and comment on resources such as web visualizations, videos, WebWorK questions and clicker questions. We are currently working on implementing the Statspace contribution functionality for those of you who have resources to share. Please contact statspace@stat.ubc.ca if you are interested in contributing resources.

We are a Canadian website and particularly welcome submissions in English and French. However, the curation team may not be able to thoroughly vet all resources submitted in alternative languages.

Contact us

  • Email lt.support@science.ubc.ca for technical difficulties.
  • Email statspace@stat.ubc.ca for more information about the UBC Statistics Flexible Learning project or the StatSpace project, or if you have questions about a resource that you have submitted to Statspace.


StatSpace brings together open, vetted and adaptable resources including animations, web visualizations, activities and questions, for teaching and learning introductory statistics. StatSpace also provides suggestions for use including teaching pitfalls and how students use and misuse resources.

StatSpace grew out of the University of British Columbia Statistics Department’s goal of improving cross-campus introductory statistics education. At UBC, as in many universities, introductory statistics is taught not only in the Statistics Department but also in other units, as a complete course or as a component of a domain area course to provide in-context learning. Some instructors are experts in statistics, in statistics education and in their domain area of application. Other instructors are not. And many instructors work alone in their units. Several times since the 1970’s, the university has tried to find some solution to this fragmented approach, but establishing a coherent plan has proved elusive.

In 2008, the Statistics Department embarked on a path to build a cross-campus community for collaboration in teaching introductory statistics, for sharing teaching resources, experiences and best practices. Such a collaboration would improve statistics instruction, reduce isolation and save instructors from re-inventing the wheel. As a first step to building this community, the Department founded the cross-unit Introductory Statistics Discussion Group. Through regular meetings, members not only shared resources, but gained an understanding of the approaches and challenges of teaching statistics in different contexts. Members of this group received UBC funding in 2014 and became the Flexible Learning Introductory Statistics (FLIS) project team. The project not only received central UBC funding, but also direct funding from the deans of three faculties: Medicine, Science and Arts.

FLIS is led by a team of experienced statistics instructors, with homes in five different departments in three different faculties. These instructors have student audiences ranging from second-year statistics majors to third-year political science majors to first-year medical students. The team has been challenged by the diversity of approaches and terminology. But this diversity has enriched the project, forcing members to focus on the core statistical concepts that bridge all disciplines and to produce resources that are truly cross-disciplinary and accessible to students of a variety of levels and interests. The project team chose to focus on concepts rather than computations starting with the concept of sampling variability, which is fundamental to all of statistical inference.

All resources were vetted through team discussion informed by our own experiences and by the education literature - especially the statistics education literature (when it existed!). Many of the resources were also vetted by students through interviews, through focus groups and through trialling in a range of courses. With each resource on StatSpace we’ve included comments on what we’ve found out about how students learn.

StatSpace will not only be a repository of resources developed by FLIS. It will also be a place and platform to contribute to open statistics pedagogies, and where other statistics educators can share and sustain their teaching resources, find those of their peers, as well as evaluate the teaching resources of their peers and get peer feedback on their own. The development of contribution and comment functionality is currently underway.


FLIS Thanks the Following

StatSpace was developed as part of the UBC Flexible Learning Introductory Statistics Project funded by The University of British Columbia’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, The Faculty of Medicine, The Faculty of Science, and The Faculty of Arts. Additional support has been provided by the Statistical Society of Canada, UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, and UBC Faculty of Science’s Skylight.