WeBWorK Question ECON 325 HW6 additional Q1


A WeBWorK question that assesses understanding of the sampling distribution of the sample mean and how it varies with sample size.

Prerequisite Knowledge

  • WeBWorK questions are not currently tagged with pre-requisite knowledge.

Learning Objectives

  • Find the standard error of a sample mean.
  • Identify which density function graphic indicates a lower tail probability for the sample mean.
  • Find the probability that the sample mean is less than a given value.
  • Decide whether the standard error would increase or decrease by increasing the sample size.
  • Decide if a tail probability for the sample mean would increase or decrease by changing the sample size.


This question is one of several hundred questions on statistics and probability developed at UBC for the online homework system WeBWorK available in the Open Problem Library. The question includes randomisation, via R, and a customised solution is generated within WeBWorK.

An artificial scenario is used in the question to assess appreciation of the sampling distribution of the sample mean. In particular, how the variance of the sampling distribution varies with the sample size is explored.

Suggested Uses, Tips and Discoveries

The question was devised to be used in the on-line homework system WeBWorK, and the suggested number of attempts permitted is given in the question’s PG file. The question could be used on tests or for homework.

All questions from UBC have been trialed extensively on students before submission to the OPL.


  • Dunham, Bruce
  • Whistler, Diana
  • Yu, Eugenia
  • Chen, Nelson

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